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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Babywearing - My First Small Steps

What is Babywearing? Have any of you heard about it before? I was stumbling into this Babywearing (always refer to BW) world when I was still in confinement leave. I still remembered I saw one of my facebook friend using a ring sling (known as RS) to carry her baby.

So I did some googling and (to be exact, some shopping) for a baby carrier and I was directed to one website selling BOBA wrap (it's a brand though). At that time, I didn't do a research about Boba, just bought it! I bought in in impulse! It was actually a stretchy wrap (using a stretch fabric) which I didn't know at the point of buying. But I tried to wear how to wear it..

At first, I was very frustrated as I couldn't wear just like youtube showed me! everythings went wrong. The fabric is a 4.2 meter long and very difficult to handle and you expect me to put my son in it? Duuuhhh (that was my first thought!)

See how sloppy my first wrapping job? 

At this time, I didn't know there is a rule one should follow for a safe BW. I was so naive. Lack of BW knowledge. I didn't know the Do's and Don't. 

So I tried to googling about BW again, and found one blog that provides a link to facebook group named MALAYSIAN BABYWEARERS (they are known as MBW) CLICK HERE for their link. This is where I learn what I shoudl know about BW. The TICKS rules (I will explain in details in another post), the ergonomic vs unergonomic carriers (another post) and alots more!

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