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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hafiy & Smart Reader Kids

Ingat x pos ai b4 this psl tadika tu? alaaaa..n3 yg poyo2 ckp tatau nk antar Hafiy gi skolah tadika maner tu? ishhh! x ingat gak ke? ye la kaannn..per barang baca n3 psl tadika eak? 

neway, nk gak citer kt cni..2 weeks b4 raya went to this Smart Reader Kids centre @ Setapak Indah. xde niat pon nk antar Hafiy ke situ tp sebabkn kt situ je antara Malay principal yg wujud! (bkn bersifat perkauman dh slalu dgr komen2 yg x besh psl non-muslim centre dr blogger len/ forum)

So, went thr and met the principal, Puan Hamidah Hamid. Very nice person indeed. She told me tht they hv a Fardhu Ain class everyday from 8am-9am. and I like.."wow! this is good, I dun hv to send Hafiy to Genius Aulad instead.." (I prefer Genius Aulad but the distance is too far & the transportaion cost is ridiculous!! RM150/ mth)

So, I eventually decided to enroll Hafiy here after considering the annual fee, syllabus & distance from my mom house. The total fee that I paid RM1,518.00. The annual fee is actually RM1,700 but Hafiy enrollment was on the 12/09/2011 which is in mid September. So, the principal reduced the monthly fee from RM270 to half of it! She also divided the concert & outdoor xtvities into half *smile* 

 I cannot remember the exact no. of subjects but I do remember English, Malay, Math, Science, Hygiene, Kindercooking, Music & Fardhu Ain. 

First school day, Hafiy liatnk bangun tdo! buat perangai xnak mandi..ermmm! nk lempang ke x eak? huhu..But 2nd day onwards, Hafiy's doing fine! So, arini minggu ke-2 Hafiy blajar kat Smart Reader Kids. Every morning he'll ask for Sausage Roll and air oren..huhu! Last weekends he bring home homeworks..

Muka budak nk gi skolah!

Echehhh..posing nmpk!

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