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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My heros

Since become a mother of two, lurve to take photos of my childrens! 1st son Muhammad Danish Hafiy (meanings "bijak, yang memuliakan")..almost 4 years old tp lmbt sket coz lahir pon dh ujung2 thn on the 28 dec! huhu...talkative boy & sooooo naughty!

My 2nd boy 3 1/2 mnths! Muhammad Syafi Rayyan (meanings "yang menyembuhkan, nama syurga") I call him syafi just like his brother hafiy but 4 my family, its quite confusing! they tend to call him Ryan! he's 7 kgs rite now & suker men air liur! one of my brother call him "ketam gemuk"! jahat tol! la rupa anak2ku..


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