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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My nu sofa, dine table & coffee table..yeayyy!

I just bought a sofa set 3+2+1, dining table 6+1 & a coffee table at Courts yesterday evening..lurve it very much even tho umah yg dibeli tu still pending process lg! huhu..masa tgk last wiken mcm nk beli dining table len..tgk blk smlm jumpa yg len lak! anywhere, its a solid wood & PVC leather in brown colour! just the way i like it..:) but the sad thing is..this is the display set..thr's no more in stock but as i like it, i just took it! btw, i forgot to take picture of my nu coffee table but it is exactly like the dining table..u just hv to picture it with a short leg! hehehehe...

my new sofa

dining table

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