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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday To My Lil Chicky Boy~~

Happy Birthday To You..
Happy Birthday To You..
Happy Birthday To Syafi Rayyan..
Happy Birthday To You..

Allah Selamatkan Kamu..
Allah Selamatkan Kamu..
Allah Selamatkan Syafi Rayyan..
Allah Selamatkan Kamu..

Akhirnya..selamat suda wat besday party x seberapa utk Syafi..
 Besdaynya 18 Oktober 2012..Plan asal nk buat 20hb Okt..
Tapi sebabkn mak ngn abah nk gi Haji 13hb, dipercepatkan la..

Tarikh keramat buat besday Syafi aritu 13hb Oktober 2012 
Sumernya cam fast forward, mama x smpt nk tempah besday kek chomey utk Syafi..
Agagaga..cian anak mama!
Tapi...dpt Chocolate Indulgence Secret Recipe pon best gak kaaannnn? 

Sila layan gamboooo je ni hah!
Re-decorated Cake! Cun x..?

Goodie Bag

Besday Boy with cake..alalala..

Mkn sndri eah..? X nyabo..

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