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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vietnam Trip PART I

Don't be fool by the title..:) To be frank, it was not a real trip...I was sent to Ha Noi, Viet Nam (that's how the Vietnamese spell the city name) in order to attend the "Typology & Capacity Building Workshop 2012" organised by Asia Pacific Group (APG) on Money Laundering from 19 - 23 Nov 2012.

I took a flight on the 18th Nov 2012 & came back to Malaysia on the 24th Nov...The workshop was attended by more than 20 member countries all over the world but Malaysia sent the largest delegation of 30 officers from various agencies such as AGC, BNM, MACC, SC, SSM, Inland Revenue Board, bla..bla..bla..

As for the workshop, it was very informative especially by the JFIU from Hong Kong Police (i loikeeee...)

Ha Noi time is one hour earlier than Malaysia. However, its a shock for me as its already dark at 5.30pm (and its Maghrib)..The weather is quite cold as it is already winter in China (neighbouring country)
View from my room at Sheraton Ha Noi

Viet Nam currency is Vietnamese Dong (VND) where RM1 = VND6000..I didn't change my currency when I was there..The people in town can receive either VND, US Dollar and even Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)..its a relieve as I don't have to worry about it..Communication are very difficult as most of them can't speak English. They can't even understand a very simple word such as "How much?", "size?"..The most popular items to buy in Ha Noi is silk! However, they also have other products likes Telekung, Vietnamese Coffee and items imported from China. You can get 5 metres silk for MYR42 or USD12.5..
Old Quarter, Ha Noi
 If you plan to visit Ha Noi, please make sure you have enough VND for taxi & foods as they do not accept USD for those things..:( There are a lots of choices for taxi in Ha Noi..but I would advise you guys.. please..please..please..get a Ha Noi taxi! Its the most reliable taxi in Ha Noi..there rest of it they will cut your throat (damn expensive) Even our hotel staff suggested us to find Ha Noi taxi..

Note: As my handphone was stolen at the Old Quarter, Ha I don;t have my personal pictures to put in here! Darn!

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