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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Its Really A Fifty Shades Of............

Seriously, I never heard of E L James before..I never thought of reading his her (Opss..E L James is female lol) novels..What I did last time was googling for "best seller books 2012" Tadaaaaa...this result came out!

So, sebabkan dh kemaruk sgt nk buku..aku pon g carik kt bookstore..Ingat lg I bought this books on Friday at MPH Bookstore, Mid Valley..Masa tu ader lak Box Set utk novel ni..Aku ni mmg sker beli buku sequal...just name it! Harry Potter ader 7 buku..Twilight ader 3 buku..Darren Shan ader 4 buku (12 sub books to be exact)..Trylle Saga ader 3 buku..

So, utk siri ni ader 3 books which started with "Fifty Shades of Grey"..Second book "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed"! Klu nak tau, when I bought this books, I didn't read the synopsis..not even a glance on the inside! After reading up to page 100 when the story really started..I mean really started! Then I realized..s**t! this is hell of a story..then..I slowly turn to the back cover and it was there - ADULT RATED ~ EROTIC ROMANCE -Gotcha!!! 

So, need to explain any longer..u know exactly whats inside the is full of kinky fu****y sort of things..But heck..I really like this books! the way the author expand the plots..chracter of the main hero Christian Grey and all his dark secrets..its awesome! Even one of my friend pon cakap..let me quote her saying yaa.."but what the heck! We r all adults.."

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