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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Hair!!! It Was Wrongly Cut..Ergghhhhhh

Okay, my previous entry mentioned about my intention to change my hairstyle right? I had a shoulder length hair before but now! Taaa.daaaaaa...

I always go for Bob Haircut! Might probably because it's the suitable style for my round face (@_@) ?????

Yet, I love to try a different style of BOB..but u know what? it went wrong! I asked the girl not to do anythings with my front hair except for the fringe..she cut it short!!! whattttt???? then the bob haircut it totally not a bob whatsoever..:( It turn out to be like a normal haircut above my shoulder with no layer at all..huhu! I hate it

I thought by going to DERRICK & TEAM which is quite famous (I assumed it is), they wld have a professional hair stylist. I think my previous not-so-professional hairstylist are better than this. 

Surely, I can't show u my new hair laaaa...:)))

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