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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Personalized Touch N Go Card

Mmg dh lamer niat nk buat card ni..uols pnh dgr x ttg ni? mesti la dah i..i je la yg kecicirannye! I mmg sker mende2 yg personalize ni..bleh ltk pic sndri..(*_*)

Price for the card is RM20 with 0 credit inside. So u hv to top up during the purchase la kan?

So, this is my nu card ye sumer..hehe! jeles x? jeles x? Kalu korunk jeles blh je buat gak! I bg link ye..cer <KLIK HERE> They call it "Photo Card"..Tapi part yg xleh nk buang tu logo diorg la kan kt card tu! harus letak nokx...:)

My own personalized card with the RM20 receipt

1 comment:

瑜欣 said...

hi,now still got do personalized touch n go ?
how much per pc?
can you email to reply me,
thanks you